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Covid 19 has been taking its toll all over the world. What has made it an out of control pandemic is the fact that it is highly contagious.It spreads easily as thedroplets produced by infected persons while sneezing or coughing remain in the air and on surfaces for quite some time. These are inhaled by others in the vicinity. They are also transferred from contaminated surfaces to hands and reach your onose and mouth. Innumerable lives have been lost due to covid 19 complications. The race to find the most effective treatmentgoes on but this virus has disrupted life as we knew it. As researchers, doctors struggle to find the right treatment protocol, it is up to all of us to protect ourselves as much as we can.The three main steps that we can take for protection include social distancing, hand sanitization and the use of face masks. We as manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of masks and gloves ensure good quality products that conform to prescribed standards.