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KN-95 Mask

Filtering facepiece respirators (FFR) are subject to various regulatory standards around the world and provide a much higher level of protection with face form fitting and greater pressure drop. To claim compliance with the particular standard as listed below, these respirators must meet or exceed required physical properties and performance characteristics, which can vary according to the regulatory bodies of different countries.

The KN-95 masks conform to Chinese standards and filter out at least 95% of miniscule  0.3 micron particles. It filters virus, bacteria, pollen and other particulate matter circulating in the air. Made from several layers of polypropylene polymer, they are designed to fit snugly so as to prevent leakage.The use of ear loopsmake it easy to put on and remove easily. It is also easier to use with other protective equipment.Manufacturers of KN-95 masks ensurea tight fitthat prevents contaminated particles fromescaping out.This minimizes the risk of transmission from infected persons.In fact manufacturers of KN-95 masks are required to run fit tests on humans wherein leakage should be less than 8%.


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