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Disposable Face Mask

This disposable face mask is designed to provide reliable respiratory protection. It helps to prevent the spread of diseases and promote healthy breathing. This loose-fitting mask is designed to cover the nose and mouth. It has soft elastic ear loops and a flexible plastic strip that will help to keep the mask in place all day long. The mask will filter out impurities of the air and offer maximum protection against dust, odor, pollen, and toxins.

Disposable face masks are meant for one time use only. This is the safest option because masks that have been used once become carriers of infectionas the virus remains viable for long periods of time. Covering the mouse and nose with disposable masks helps to protect the general population from Covid-19. This is because it forms a barrier and prevents users from touching their face with contaminated hands. Beingsuppliers and wholesalers of masks, we recommend that they should be disposed of safely as hazardousbio-waste.


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